Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vic & The Sexual Objects-Blown Away & Still Smiling

I've been to 20 odd Subway Sect gigs in the last 12 months and there are personal favourites which have been tempered by several factors, things like this-
take it down a rung or two but easy gigs, ie great promoter, little to organise, everybody happy and everything going more or less to plan then the mood rises.
Getting lost at least once is mandatory and acceptable- if only the lighter thing in the car worked we could have a sat nav as it is we often have to rely on that antiquated method of finding your way-map reading, I can testify it is a skill fast dying out. Crowd size doesn't matter whereas crowd response is a definite mood enhancer. Oddly enough band performance doesn't generally come in to it as I don't remember any line up produce anything other than a crowd pleasing performance and it's the crowd who make the atmosphere that the band respond to but, I do think there have been some outstanding ones but that's subjective. So based on a combination of some, all or none of the above these are a few favs-
Two Spinning Chilli gigs in Brighton- their John Peel Night 29/10/2011, the 5 piece Sect's second gig with the 2 Paul's joining stalwarts Kevin Younger and Mark Braby to bring a real Northern Soul vibe to the party together with a great bill with Piranhas 3D, The Fallen Leaves, The Shapes (acoustic) & DJ Ian Part Time and the Green Door Store gig on 30/06/2012 with the 4 piece Sect, Yusuf B'layachi on bass and legendary I, Ludicrous on the bill. The trip to Scotland trip in March this year for Sounds in the Suburbs with gigs at the Accies Glasgow(my personal favourite) and the Voodoo Rooms (wins prize for most surreal gig ever) Edinburgh 23/24th March and Beat Generator Live!Dundee on 25th , in fact external factors notwithstanding I enjoy just being in Scotland, so I'm a bit prejudiced about my choices and Alan Suburb always comes up trumps.
BUT I'm not being prejudiced when I tell you how thoroughly enjoyable Vic.ism with the Sexual Objects has been and what a great way to end the musical year. Although still smiling I feel a bit wistful now that it's over, not the way I would normally feel after 5 gigs. It was great having Lee McFadden and Tracey Holloway along for all the dates to keep the 'records' and Mark Braby and Ian Holford's new group Thee Potato Four played three nights. There wasn't much to organise and there was just so much lurve. Thursday 29th November- Letting the train take the strain meant it was a comfy chilled trip to Manchester. Love the public transport system there particularly the tram system, so easy and so cheap to use compared to London , and they're extending it. The 'accommodation' was ok, not quite meeting expectation, had to pay cash up front which was a little peculiar, wouldn't stay again and wouldn't recommend so won't name, it might suit someone else. I didn't expect to be reminded of Coimbra Portugal, stayed near a prison there, where they woke the inmates (and anyone else asleep near by)at the crack of dawn with a klaxon and a stentorian voice booming through loudspeakers, and what does Manchester have in common? The Arndale Centre which did a fair imitation at about 8AM- what is that about? Vic had to shoot off (ok, he didn't shoot off, tea first) to rehearse with the Sobs and then go straight on to the Marc Riley session, my favourite number was Oh Alright Go On Then, recorded with Mates Mates in Vic, out as 7" with Castalasnas and Whip Rules on Famelic Records 1st February, download from 15th January.(Possibly already mentioned this)
The gig at Gulliver's went by in a bit of a blur, more like flashbacks, nice one's mostly, rather than a continuous stream of consciousness. I can only put this down to- I hadn't eaten much all day, perhaps distracted by the unexpected ligger alert, first night nerves/relief that the session sounded sooo good as Vic and the Sobs had had such a little time to practise, then again we are talking about the Sexual Objects- Davy Henderson, Douglas MacIntyre, Graham Wann, Ian Holford and Simon Smeeton. Each time I hear them I'm reminded just what an intuitive, tight unit they are-wall of sound.
I met quite a few people but names are not my strong point but I do remember Andrew of course (he of the website,the striking posters AND the designer of the soon to be released 7" on Aed Records- Caught in Mid-Stream and You Bring Out the Demon in Me, probably January), Steve Shy who organised the nights festivities, Cath Bore (her photo above) and Chris from Kill Pretty.I remember thinking how good TPF and the Sobs were but can't recall Vic and Sobs set. Any photographs of the night would be most welcome. It's lucky there are videos.Vic wrote Outrageous Things with Matthew Ashman:
Friday 30th November- Weather deteriorating as wending North Eastwards to Newcastle via York-the tickets were so much cheaper changing in York than going direct, there to join the Manchester train that left 20 minutes after mine-does this make any sense??? There was significant delay between York and Newcastle. Part 2 TO FOLLOW.

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