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Hello peeps, here comes summer. Lots to fit in, if you are EU Referendummed out then you may want to skip the first bit however I hope you won't, to let you know up front I'm in with 'The In Crowd'.

Geographically speaking we are Europeans, and historically  it's in the DNA. The media and politicians are doing their level best to confuse, obfuscate and blur the EU referendum issues, and what's at stake, for their own self serving purposes so I've tried to make my pitch for staying in the EU straightforward (also hoping videos will have subliminal effect) and avoided the 'who knows' scenarios. So in my humble opinion as a British citizen the decision to STAY or leave the EU is nothing to do with: 
Tory/Labour infighting/scrapping or a choice between Cameron or Johnson, both of these over-privileged Tory Bullingdon Boys are as vile as each other and if there wasn't a coup in the Tory offing and Johnson wasn't making a pitch for the Tory leadership then they would almost certainly be singing the same tune, so ignore them both. Voting to stay IN is NOT a vote for Cameron. 
Vertical Immigration - listen closely!

Immigration -
is not the reason there is insufficient social/affordable rental housing to go round, it is because successive governments have continued the policy of selling social housing stock and not using the money to build new homes to replace said depleted stock and so private landlords rule the roost
is not responsible for the decline in our national industries and manufacturing output, the resulting unemployment, lack of alternative employment or retraining opportunities. It is our successive governments which have failed miserably to reinvest at local level leaving it to the whims of those with non dom status and bottomless pockets to exploit where they can, which may or most likely will not result in jobs for locals. However The European Structural Investment Fund finances projects aimed at innovation, research and development, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises), employment skills, social inclusion, carbon reduction and there's more.....
is not responsible for low interest rates, the collapse of pension funds, raising the age of state pension entitlement, cutting work, jobseeker and disability benefits.........  

The EU referendum is about what We, The People think will be best for us in an everyday kind of way, so if.... 
You want to protect the minimum wage and maximum hours
You want to keep and protect our Human Rights
You don't want Health and Safety regulations relaxed
You don't want developers and non doms to have free reign
You don't want to see worker and union rights further eroded
You don't want our NHS damaged further
You don't want to queue in the non EU passport queue
You don't want an end to easy retirement to warmer European climes and free access to local healthcare
You don't want more expensive holidays in Europe because of a devalued £ (and you don't want an end to 'booze cruises'!)
Then on 23rd June, please vote STAY.
 The Dells 'Stay In My Corner'
The world's a BIG, scary place and we are awfully alone up there, isolated and easy pickings without our EU chums. We need a posse of friends close by, so when making up your mind which way to vote please ignore what all the politicians are telling you and remember as Jimmy Cliff said 'It's a Wild World'.
AND as Al Green sings so beautifully here 'Come On Come On Let's Stick Together'
Nearly finished, just throwing in another random reason to vote STAY, vis a vis the environment that We, The People inhabit - Blackpool's South Beach has just been awarded a Blue Flag for cleanliness, without the environmental regulations brought in by the EU this kind of thing would not be happening all around our coastlines to beaches previously unfit to swim off and companies like United Utilities, in the Blackpool South Beach instance for example, would not have had quite the same motivation to heavily invest in schemes to capture and treat the wastewater that was causing the pollution. 


AND VOTE STAY. Done now.........Oh what the heck let's let the farming community have their say(!):

Capital Radio Jazz Festival Alexandra Palace July 1979 with jazz greats by the bucket, Dave Brubeck, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Lionel Hampton, loads more, I think this is Sonny Stitt and his group.  

Reminds me that it's time for some............................

I know (feel it in my bones, and no it's not the low pressure) that these are going to be two memorable nights with the abundance of musical delights on offer and if you are going to be in Glasgow 25/26th June you'd be mad not to try and make it to at least one of these musical lovefests, you won't regret it. 
First up on this belter of a Creeping Bent Weekender is on Saturday 25th June at the CCA Glasgow - Sounds in the Suburbs presents The Secret Goldfish, Vic & The Stool Pigeons and Stephen Pastel's latest signing Spinning Coin.
Tickets £10 (£5 students) from:
Video Invite 
The Secret Goldfish are celebrating the release of their long awaited new LP, 'Petal Split', their first since 1999, out on Creeping Bent this summer. In true celebratory spirit Creeping Bent are offering The Secret Goldfish cover of Vic and Matthew Ashman's song 'Outrageous Things' for free (or 'name your price'):

Second appearance for Vic & The Stool Pigeons super stars, Douglas MacIntyre, Russell Burn, Malcolm Ross and Mick Slaven, their debut was at the after party for the premiere of Grant McPhee's film Big Gold Dream at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015. Their set, made up of Bowie, The Fire Engines, Josef K, Orange Juice and VU covers plus a few Subway Sect numbers, went down a storm, expect a similar set at the CCA this month. Fay Fife guested on Sweet Jane in 2015, filmed this storming version at the sound check.
More videos from the sound check here: 
and a new Vic Godard & The Stool Pigeons FB page, a work in progress: 

Spinning Coin are the latest signing to Stephen Pastel's Geographic (Domino) label, their single 'Albany' has been getting a lot of attention since it's release in March this year.                                      
HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME / BENT WEEKENDER Part 2 Sunday 26th June Glasgow Jazz Festival Presents
Club Left, Cool Bop and Swing at the CCA with Vic Godard & The Subway Sect and Jazzateers.
Vic by Jock McTavish 100 Club 20/11/2014

Can't wait, the sold out 100 Club Club Left Reprise in 2014 was a brilliant night of Cool Bop and Swing, reigniting the buzz of late night early (very) 80's club life. The Subway Sect, Chris, Rob, Sean and Dave were my Subway Sect, although I have known Rob and Myers for pretty much as long as I've known Vic, The Subway Sect were Vic's group when I met him and we had lots of adventures on the road. I found a couple of photos from a trip north, I can't remember where we were on our way to but we stopped off in Matlock, Rob Marche on the left with the trumpet player (sorry, I can't remember his name, my excuse is he only occasionally played),1982 my guess by the hair (mine).

Back in the 21st century 'Falling in Love Takes Time'. Vic Godard & The Subway Sect 100 Club 20/11/2014 courtesy of Lee McFadden and Chris Bostock. 
At Club Left at the Glasgow Jazz Festival Pete Saunders is is joining the line up as very special guest on keys. Pete and Vic go back a ways, including Vic singing with Pete Saunder's Fallen Heroes 1998 and both playing/singing respectively with The Leopards at the LSE and Glasgow. The set list will be mostly Songs For Sale plus a few more numbers. Shivering with pleasurable anticipation.  
The first time Vic played at the Glasgow Jazz Fest was in 2013 (near enough to be coincidental, the 27th June) and he was Jazzateers special guest. They were making a rare appearance to celebrate the release of 'Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy', unreleased recordings 1981/2 on Creeping Bent. Jazzateers have been coaxed out to make another rare live appearance at Club Left at the CCA. It is  rumoured that Mr James Kirk as well as playing with The Secret Goldfish on 25th may also be making a rare appearance to join Jazzateers on 'Holiday Hymn'. (So you might get two 'Holiday Hymns' over the weekend, you never know)

And there's more... tunes to bop to from the original Club Left DJ sets. Another one not to miss! Tickets £15 from CCA:  

Check Whats on Glasgow for details of all three of Vic's Glasgow gigs coming up and many more Glasgow events: 

If you haven't seen Big Gold Dream yet its last festival screening (possibly a slightly different cut, possibly with a bit of extra 1977 live punk footage) is on 19th June at Tartan Features Micro Film Festival Govanhill Baths Glasgow.
This is a segment from the Q&A that followed the premiere of BGD at EIFF 2015 with Douglas MacIntyre, Malcolm Ross, Jo Callis, Ken McClusky and Vic. 
                           Who is that?? Circa 1988

 Punk Corner

Whilst hunting through 100s of photographs for a particular picture I came across this photograph of Vic and Dave Morgan at Mark Perry's Punk 20th anniversary do at the 100 Club 1996. 

Punk 1976-78 - Punk photography and ephemera, like the Bernard Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood T shirt s exhibition on at the British Library until 2nd October:

Interesting BBC Radio 4 programme  - to mark its 40th anniversary, Mark Hodkinson talks to Paul Cook and fans about the impact of punk rock outside of London and, in particular, in Yorkshire where the Sex Pistols played their first and last gigs outside the capital.

 Due to a series of unfortunate events (I got a tooth abscess, inadvertently stabbed myself in the hand and put my back out lifting a bed), we didn't make it to the Bernard Rhodes Talk Show at the British Library, sort of wish (in a kinda masochistic kinda way) that we'd made it, from all accounts it was interesting with Bernard beginning the way he intended to proceed by ignoring the social niceties, abandoning the Q&A format and doing his own thing standing at the podium. More photographs by Phil G:

Talking of John Robb, this was taken at our old 'garden flat' where he interviewed Vic for his book 'Punk Rock: An Oral History' 

Hopefully we will still be Europeans when Vic and Subway Sect set off for their two visits to mainland Europe in September, flights booked and raring to go. First up is two nights in Turin, playing at Junkyard Festival on 17th September, Magazzini sul Po and another date TBC on 18th. 
and then we're heading to Carballo, not far from La Coruna on 23rd September for XiriaPop 2016.  Check for line up additions here:

Gnu Inc Records 7" Launch Weekender 13-15th October!

To celebrate the release of Gnu Inc's Vic Godard 7" 'I'll Find Out Over Time' and 'Dead Dreamy' with fab art work by that talented Mr A P Shaw (17th October) there is a trio of gig treats lined up for the launch, kicking off on Thursday 13th October in Manchester with -
Dandy Presents Vic Godard & Subway Sect
Plus Special Guests TBC
Gullivers 109 Oldham St 

Tickets £10 available locally at Gullivers, Piccadilly Records & on line at Billetto:
at: [] 

Friday 14th October - The Cumberland Arms Newcastle. Michael C is pulling out all the stops for his SIXTH Children of Godard night, with Vic and Subway Sect And Band of Holy Joy And Quarterlight and more.......
Advance Tickets £10 (+admin) available locally in Newcastle at Beatdown, Reflex and RPM and on line at: []
£12 on the door. Loving Band Of Holy Joy's 'And Then The Real Thing Comes Along' to footage from Wigan Casino.


Saturday 15th October - Wee Red Bar Edinburgh - Gnu's promoting (me!!)
Gnu Inc in association with Sounds in the Suburbs & Murray Ramone Presents Vic Godard & Subway Sect AND The Sexual Objects
Wee Red Bar Lauriston Place Edinburgh EH3 9DF
Tickets £10 (+admin) available from Ripping Records South Bridge:

& Tickets Scotland:
Info for the gig also at Whats on Edinburgh, an extraordinarily extensive listings site (all the Whats on sites are):

Two more goodies coming up in November.....

25th November - Bernie Connor's Birthday - Buyers Club Music Liverpool - Info to follow! 

26th November - Glasgow and it's Sounds in the Suburbs Sect/SOBs Special Time!
The Date - Saturday 26th November - The Place Stereo - The Time - 7.30pm - SEE YOU THERE!
Advance Tickets £13 (£15 on the door) from Alan Suburb at: & on line at Tickets Scotland (+admin charge):
Lots more Sounds in the Suburbs goodies coming up over the next few months: 

AND THEN........THE FINALE......Friday 9th December...... Gnu Inc Presents at The Water Rats London........Treats Galore in Store! Info to follow.

Aural Delights
Listen again to DJ Sue Grants Radio Show 13/06/106 - cracker of a show, every Monday at 6pm on Shoreditch Radio. 
The extensive play list 13/06/2016: 

 Sunday 19th June 4pm The Jazz Lounge Radio Show with your host Grace Black on K107FM Live and Local from Kirkcaldy, this week featuring musicians playing at the Glasgow Jazz Festival, including two tracks from Songs For Sale that Vic & The Subway Sect will be performing at the CCA on 26th June.

The soulful Sound System radio show brought to you by Ray Martino and Angel Pages, every Tuesday night on Ràdio Premià de Mar
It's a gem, every week featuring different artists with a soulful way about them, you can catch up with past episodes here: 

Wholly incidentally Premià de Mar looks very enticing, 40 km up the coast from Barcelona.

The very atmospheric photograph of Vic below was taken by photographer Brian David Stevens at a Subway Sect gig (Wet Dog version, Trigger, Leigh C, Rebecca G and Sophie P) next to Tide Tables Cafe Richmond Riverside, mid 2000s, there used to be an annual mini outdoor music festival on their terrace.  
Renowned for his striking portraits of the likes of Wilko and Jock Scot, to name just a couple, Mr Stevens will shortly be adding a portrait of Vic to the illustrious list.
Talking of Richmond Riverside I worked for boat builder Mark Edwards at his boathouses, beside and inside Richmond Bridge for four summers 2000-04, after 17 years in local government it was quite a change, learning about the history of boat building in Richmond, the differences between the different boats, chandlery, sail making, heaving flood boards in and out of place, watching the world go by, Bamber Gascoigne, who lived nearby, used to go for a swim every morning, rain or shine. Mark specialises in building historical and traditional river pleasure craft of the rowing variety including shallops and wherrys and I was lucky enough to be there when the royal barge Gloriana and a replica of the first submarine were being built. 

The photographs below are of the floating of Gloriana, the sun was going down and we had to wait for the peak of a very high tide, this is when you find out if something has buoyancy or not! Halcyon days by the river. 

I'll leave you with another photo find, me and Myers just after Vic and I moved in to our garden flat 1987.  
Adios and Swing Gently Peeps!

PS There will be tweaks.