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Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start..............

6th May 1977  University, Aberdeen (White Riot Tour)
7th May 1977  Playhouse, Edinburgh (White Riot Tour)

39 years ago the Subway Sect performed in Scotland on the White Riot tour and to quote Davy Henderson “things changed forever, baby”. The effect Sect principal Vic Godard has had on Scottish lit.pop has resonated ever since, as evidenced by his recording associations with Scottish independent labels Postcard and Creeping Bent.

But first, let’s go back, way back to May 1977 when the White Riot tour rolled into Scotland. The teenage punk cognoscenti in the audience were so enamoured by the Subway Sect’s grey treble glare and literary aspirations, that the prime movers went on to form the labels (Fast Product & Postcard) and groups (Scars, Fire Engines, Josef K, Orange Juice) that became known as ‘the Sound of Young Scotland’. 

In 1978 Subway Sect went on to play at Clouds Edinburgh on 20 March, a date on The Great Unknowns Tour and three dates in Scotland supporting the Buzzcock's, 21 October Apollo Glasgow, 22 October  Capital Aberdeen and 23 October Odeon Edinburgh.

Moving on to 1980 when Postcard’s Alan Horne bootlegged the Subway Sect’s performance in London at the Music Machine, he set in motion a chain that could be said to link Scottish independent pop music from 1980 to the present. Postcard’s Orange Juice worked up a cover version of an unreleased Sect song from Horne’s bootleg, a northern soul influenced number called Holiday Hymn. Orange Juice recorded Holiday Hymn on their 1981 John Peel session for BBC Radio 1, and the rest is history. The Subway Sect’s influence on Postcard and beyond is indelible and every generation of Scottish independent pop group since has carried a torch for the Sect with lineage stretching from Orange Juice to the Pastels to Belle & Sebastian to Franz Ferdinand (and all roads in between).

“things are tough, we can still picnic”

The Creeping Bent Organisation has worked with Vic Godard since 1998 when Vic appeared live with Adventures in Stereo at the Royal Festival Hall as part of an evening of Creeping Bent entertainment at John Peel’s Meltdown Festival. Vic has also worked with Creeping Bent artists such as The Leopards, The Secret Goldfish, The Nectarine No 9, Port Sulphur and continues to collaborate with the label. 
Vic also appeared on Beat Room 08/12/1998 with The Leopards, Pete Saunders, Mick Slaven, Douglas MacIntyre, Skip Reid and Brian Docherty on bass. A very melancholic 'Stop That Girl'.
Another Creeping Night at the the LSE 1999 with Vic singing with the Leopards, Campbell Owens, Douglas, Mick Slaven, Skip Reid, Wizard and Pete Saunders.
Also in 1999 Creeping Bent released this double A side 7"  (bent048), Singles Club #10, with Vic and Place We Used To Live and The Secret Goldfish's '4 Excited People'.

The Port Sulphur Connection

On the left, playing on our gramophone, is the double A side 7" white vinyl single released on Aktion und Spass with Port Sulphur's 'Discord / Finsbury Park' and Vic and Subway Sect's 'Stool Pigeon' from 1978 Now! on the other side. 
Things are tough, but we can still picnic. 
Port Sulphur 'Fast Boys and Factory Girls' was recently played live for a Marc Riley session, not sure if still available to listen: 
Vic's been collaborating with Davy Henderson and Port Sulphur on a song for the upcoming Port Sulphur LP (Creeping Bent) 'The Lane' and he recorded his contribution  when he was in Glasgow for Hot Fun in The Summertime / Creeping Bent Weekender at the CCA 25/26th June 2016. 
 Big Gold Dream Connections

Vic was delighted to be interviewed to be in Grant McPhee's film Big Gold Dream: Scottish Post Punk. Since it's premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2015 the film has gone from strength to strength, collecting accolades along the way. Read about the premiere and after party here, about half way down:
Exclusive Big Gold Dream promo footage in which Vic talks about The Clash's back drop and Schemies!
Teenage Superstars is the follow-up film to Grant McPhee's Big Gold Dream - the continuing story of Scottish Independent Music. Teaser coming soon, join the group to keep updated:

Post Punk Supergroup The Stool Pigeons - Vic Godard, Douglas MacIntyre, Malcolm Ross, Mick Slaven and Russell Burn made a huge impact on their debut at the Big Gold Dream EIFF after party, here covering The Fire Engines' 'Candyskin', filmed at the sound check.More about them later.

Sounds in the Suburbs Connections 2008 - Present
12/11/2011 Vic & Shock & Awe – Henry’s Cellar Bar
Born Too Loose by Vic & Shock & Awe
27/11/2011 Vic & SOBS - The Old Hairdressers Glasgow – Line up as below

28/08/2011 -Vic and the Super Sobs at Love’s Rebellious Joy - a Tribute to Paul Reekie, Edinburgh Davy Henderson – guitar; Graham Wann – guitar; Simon Smeeton - guitar; Douglas McIntyre – bass &  Special Guests Gareth Sager – guitar & Russell Burn – drums

24/03/2012 Klub Gutenburg Old Queen's Head London

VIC.ism: A Celebration of Vic Godard & Subway Sect
29th November - 2nd December, 7th December 2012 

 I recently happened upon the two films below of Brian Beadie interviewing Vic, filmed off the cuff by David Graham Scott on the Sunday of Vic.ism, in the vicinity of The Poetry Club Glasgow (hence the road noise!), they're both highly entertaining and informative.

The first two nights 29/11/2012 at Gullivers Manchester & 30/11/2012

Children of Godard Star & Shadow Newcastle.

01/12/2012 Sounds in the Suburbs Presents Vic Godard & Subway Sect & The Sexual Objects at Stereo Glasgow.
Another iconic poster designed by that talented Mr A P Shaw. 

02/12/2012 The Poetry Club with Andy Alston, Douglas MacIntyre, James Kirk- 'Pale Blue Eyes'

07/12/2012 Vic/Sect & SOBs plus Vic & Douglas duet on 'After Hours' at the Boston Arms London

20/04/2013 The Sexual Objects mk lll – Vic, Davy, Douglas & Simon acoustic set at Mono Glasgow - 'Candy Says' on Record Store Day.

And 'Make Me Sad'

27/06/2013 Vic's first appearance at the Glasgow Jazz Festival as Jazzateers Special Guest at Stereo, singing with and The (multi-talented) Jazz Independents,Mick Slaven, Campbell, Andy Alston, Campbell Owens, Mick Slaven,  and Douglas MacIntyre. The only video of the night 'Felicity' featuring James Kirk.

28/06/2013 Vic & The Sexual Objects mk 4 (the really pared down version) at Neu! Reekie – Vic & Douglasgoing it alone  Summerhall Edinburgh 

Sounds in the Suburbs Vic Godard & The Sexual Objects Specials 2013 - 22nd November at Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh and 23rd November at CCA Glasgow with Special Guests James Kirk & Andy Alston joining in for Felicity.
Below is one from the soundcheck that Vic and the SOBs didn't have time to do in the set, cover of 'She's My Best Friend'. 

Sounds in the Suburbs Vic Godard & Subway Sect/The Sexual Objects & Cool Cat Club VG & SS/Stoor Specials 2014
13/14th November - Vic & Subway Sect were back in Glasgow on 13th November at The Admiral & Edinburgh with The Sexual Objects for the annual lovefest, always bodacious (sorry for the Snoopism) events and then Vic and the Sect headed further north for Andy Wood's Cool Cat Club Special at Beat Generator LIVE! with Stoor.
One of Vic's newer songs 'Inertia' filmed at the Voodoo Rooms soundcheck.



25th June CCA Glasgow Sounds in the Suburbs presents Hot Fun in the Summertime/Creeping Bent Weekender Night 1 with The Stool Pigeons, The Secret Goldfish & Spinning Coin. The Stool Pigeons made an even bigger impact on their second appearance, recording with them is on the cards. 
26th June Glasgow Jazz Festival presents Hot Fun in the Summertime/Creeping Bent Weekender Night 2, Club Left Reprise at the CCA with Vic & The Subway Sect, Sean McLusky, Chris Bostock, Rob Marche and special guest Pete Saunders on the ivories, The Jazzateers and Mairi Fenella bringing Cool, Bop and Swing to the CCA. The last time Vic & The Subway Sect played in Glasgow was at Night Moves 1981, posters for Glasgow 1981 and 2016 above (spelling right this time round!).

Read more The Stool Pigeons and Club Left at the CCA with The Subway Sect in Gnu's blog (after the politics in Summertime section):
and this is a selection of Gnu's videos from the two nights.

15th October Gnu Inc (me!) in association with Sounds in the Suburbs and Murray Ramone Present Vic Godard & Subway Sect and The Sexual Objects at Wee Red Bar Edinburgh. Tickets from Ripping Records South Bridge Edinburgh:
and Tickets Scotland.

26th November and the last Subway Sect gig of 2016 - Sounds in the Suburbs Sect/SOBs Special at Stereo Glasgow. Tickets from Alan: and Tickets Scotland:

Check Whats on Glasgow/Edinburgh for details of all Glasgow/Edinburgh gigs:,-the-secret-goldfish-&-spinning-coin/  

And there's 'Godard on Glasgow' Vic's 4 part(!) guest blog for Glasgow Music City Tours, published on 9th November 2015. (Must be time for an update!)

Thanks to Tracey Holloway and Lee McFadden for the videos.

19/12/1999 - Vic & Pete Saunders The Scala London + Nectarine No 9 and Alabama 3

Then there is Vic & Edwyn Collins 
Japan - 1991 
Cannes Film Festival 1992
Fleadh Glasgow Green 24/05/1992
Edwyn Collins/Paul Cook/Segs/Martin Duffy – T&C 1992
Edwyn Collins, Simon, Dan, Neil Palmer and Wiz-  (Mark Radcliffe session)

Edwyn Collins, Simon, Dan, Paul McGrath and Wiz- (Dingwalls)

1997 – the Garage with Johnny Britton, Dave Morgan, Edwyn Collins, The Bitter Springs, The Long Decline

Releases produced by Edwyn
Won't Turn Back CD single (Postcard)
End of The Surrey People (Postcard)
Long Term Side Effects (Tugboat)
In Trouble Again (Tugboat)
1979 NOW! (Aed) 

Vic and Edwyn duet mix of Won't Turn Back courtesy of Murray Ramone

Quick recap then of Vic's Caledonian connection gigs 1977 - Present (incomplete)

6th May 1977  University, Aberdeen (WR Tour) Subway Sect
7th May 1977  Playhouse, Edinburgh (WR)
Subway Sect

20th March 1978 Clouds Edinburgh (TGU Tour) Subway Sect  
21st October 1978 Apollo Glasgow (Buzzcocks Tour) Subway Sect
22nd October Capital Aberdeen Subway Sect
23rd October Odeon Edinburgh Subway Sect

22 October 1981 Night Moves (The Subway Sect)

1994 T In The Park Glasgow Green with Edwyn Collins

26/07/1998  CCA Glasgow Vic and The Leopards
2/08/1998 Beat Room – The Golf Lounge Wilson St Glasgow  with The Leopards- Pete Saunders, Mick Slaven, Douglas, Skip Reid and Brian Docherty on bass with Adventures in Stereo and Secret Goldfish. 

Mar 2000 – The 13th Note (Old Stereo) near Clyde with Springs & Nectarine No 9 

12/08/2000 The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh with The Leopards and Douglas

2007 SITS Accies Glasgow – Vic, Laff, Trigger,Leigh (Champagne and B+B incident!)
2007 SITS Edinburgh Citrus

14/11/2008 SITS Citrus Edinburgh (Vic/Mark/Kev & Gary Ainge)
15/11/2008 SITS Stereo Glasgow
16/11/2008 The Tunnels Aberdeen 

04/12/2009 SITS Citrus Edinburgh Sect/SOBs
04/12/2009 After Party at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Vic singing Johnny Thunders with Shock and Awe.
5/12/2009 SITS Stereo Glasgow  Sect/SOBs

11/03/2011 SITS Accies Glasgow  (Vic, Dan, Kev & Mark) with SOBs
12/03/2011 SITS Citrus Edinburgh
12/03/2011 Henry’s Cellar Bar After Show
13/03/2011 Dexter’s Dundee
27/08/2011 The Old Hairdressers Glasgow - Davy Henderson – guitar; Graham Wann – guitar; Simon Smeeton - guitar; Douglas McIntyre – bass &  Special Guests Gareth Sager – guitar & Russell Burn – drums (Love’s Rebellious Joy line up)
28/08/2011 Love’s Rebellious Joy – A Tribute to Paul Reekie Edinburgh
Line up - As Above

23/03/2012 SITS Accies Glasgow (Vic/Myers, Paul, Mark, Kev)
24/03/2012 SITS Voddo Rooms Edinburgh
25/03/2012 Beat Generator LIVE! Dundee
08/09/2012 The Bungalow Paisley
1/12/2012 Stereo Glasgow - Vicism with Sobs
2/12/2012 Poetry Club - Vicism with Andy Alston, James Kirk & Douglas)

20/04/2013 Mono Glasgow with Douglas, Davy and Simon (release of Caught in Midstream off 1979 Now - Record Store Day)
27/06/2013 Stereo The Jazz Independents with Mick Slaven, Campbell Owens Andy Alston and Colin Auld (Jazzateers) on drums also James Kirk for Felicity – Glasgow Jazz Festival
28/06/2013 Vic & The Sexual Objects mk 4 - Neu! Reekie – Vic & Douglas  Summerhall Edinburgh
23/11/2013 SITS Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh with SOBs for WTMB
23/11/2013 CCA Glasgow for What’s The Matter Boy with the SOBS + Andy Alston & J Kirk for Felicity)

14/11/2014 SITS Stereo Glasgow (Vic,Yusuf,Mark, Kev and Ian) with SOBs
15/11/2014 SITS Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh with SOBs

13/11/2015 SITS The Admiral  Glasgow - Vic & Sect, Mark, Kevin & Ian with The Sexual Objects
14/11/2015 SITS Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh - Sect/SOBs
15/11/2015 Cool Cat Club beat generator LIVE! Dundee Subway Sect and Stoor

25th June 2016 CCA Glasgow -  SITS Presents Hot Fun in the Summertime/ Creeping Bent Weekender Night 1 - Vic & The Stool Pigeons, The Secret Goldfish & Spinning Coin 
26th June CCA Glasgow - HFITS Night 2 Glasgow Jazz  Festival Presents Vic Godard & Club Left with The Subway Sect & Jazzateers
15th October Gnu Inc in association with Sounds in the Suburbs and Murray Ramone Vic and Subway Sect and The Sexual Objects
26th November - SITS Presents Sect/SOBs at Stereo  
To Be Continued.........and added to at length. 


Jock's Spot
Jock Scot 21st September 1952 - 13th April 2016

An Evening With Jock Scot 14/09/2015 with Davy Henderson, Douglas MacIntyre,Graham Wann,Ian Holford, Simon Smeeton and The Scot Sisters, Tara & Poppy by Peter Tainsh
More photographs by Peter Tainsh from the night here:

Monday 14th September and Forever Heavenly presented An Evening With Jock Scot, a night celebrating the work of  a "Musselburgh Superstar“ (Irvine Welsh) including the Forever Heavenly re-issue of My Personal Culloden. Jock in conversation with Robert Rubbish, the director of the soon to be released documentary Jock Scot: Services To Rock ’N’ Roll, followed by Jock reading a fine selection of his poetry, set to music by Davy Henderson and played by Davy and the other Nectarine No 9/SOBS Douglas MacIntyre, Graham Wann, Ian Holford and Simon Smeeton, backing vocals by The Scot Sisters.

Jock Scot, Nectaine No 9 & The Scot Sisters with Sailor's Ashore, The social 14/09/2015, filmed by Tracey Holloway.

What a heavenly, heartwarming, intimate, memorable night with a clutch of some of my very favourite human beings all squeezed together sharing a rare, very special experience and will be my lasting memory of Jock. 
The Quietus got a chance to have a 'A Long Lunch with Jock Scot, Robert Rubbish & Lias Saoudi' in 2015

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